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Okulaari is a professional-level endoscopy company founded in 2011, specializing in RVI (Remote Visual Inspection) products and services in the field of industrial and technical inspections. RVI and high quality technical endoscopes are helpful or even essential, for example, in the maintenance of industrial machines, quality assurance, and quick detection of faults. Our expertise is based on decades of experience and collaboration with several equipment manufacturers and a wide customer base.

Our expertise is always available to any industry and other businesses, government agencies, defense and security, municipalities and cities, as well as educational institutions. We supply our endoscopes and other RVI products as well as provide our inspection services for various industries throughout the world.

Endoscope sales – inspection services – maintenance

One of our strengths is having the most comprehensive range of industrial endoscopy equipment accessories in the market, as well as the possibility for special customizations. We maintain and repair the RVI equipment we supply. Additonally we offer flexible inspection services. So customers don’t always have to invest in their own RVI equipment.

RVI inspections for wind turbines

Condition monitoring in industry

Engine inspections


The most comprehensive product range – industrial endoscopes for all types of inspections

Okulaari collaborates with four endoscope manufacturers to provide the most comprehensive range of equipment for all types of needs. Contact us and let’s choose the right equipment for your needs together.

Our selection includes, for example

  • Video endoscopes implemented with latest camera technology
  • Fully optically implemented flexible fiberscopes
  • Rigid borescopes
  • Accessories and tools for inspections (such as guiding tubes, centering tools, device stands, image recording tools)

Endoscope probes

  • The diameters are usually between 3-8 mm, but if there is a need to see extremely tight spaces, the thinnest insertion tubes have a diameter of 0.5 mm.
  • Standard lengths from 10 cm up to 30 meters. If necessary, devices can be customized beyond these limits.

Our products

  • Video endoscopes and optical endoscopes
  • LED/Laser/UV/IR lights
  • Insertion tube diameters starting from 0.5 mm
  • Videoscopes available with megapixel sensors
  • IP67 waterproofing
  • “Joystick” control for the tip
  • Models with interchangeable probes
  • Models with interchangeable lenses

Read more about our products on the Neplus website:


Technical endoscopy for assisting in condition monitoring, NDT and quality assurance, and fast fault positioning

We have a comprehensive range of RVI equipment available for inspections; including our own equipment and devices available through our partner network. If you do not want to invest in your own endoscopes, we can also perform the inspections as a service for you.

Repairs and maintenance are carried out at our own service center. Loan and spare equipment are quickly provided to our customers if needed.

Services provided by Okulaari

  • Endoscopy inspections (RVI)
  • Device maintenance and repair
  • Loan and spare equipment for our customers
  • Endoscope and inspection trainings
  • Among other industrial/technical RVI inspections, we are able to carry out inspections also in wind turbines. We have personnel with required GWO certifications


Okulaari has extensive experience in utilizing technical endoscopy in numerous application areas

Here are a few examples of industries where our customers operate:

  • Aviation
  • Marine industry
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Food industry
  • Paper industry
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Metal and machinery industry
  • NDT inspections
  • Energy production
  • Crane inspections
  • Building inspections and renovations
  • Industrial maintenance companies
  • Educational institutions

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Okulaari helps in all the RVI needs: equipment, accessories and inspection services.


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